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Professor & Students


Our mission is to provide excellent customer service while providing professional experience to our academic staff. Providing a local and economical option for outsourcing work. Giving our future generations the experience they need to grow professionally. 


After teaching at the college level for over 10 years and with over 20 years of working in a professional setting our founder noticed a problem area in business that can solve a problem area for college students.


The problem in the business environment are those simple yet time consuming tasks that can bottle neck productivity. The problem for the college student is the difficulty entering the work force due to the lack of experience. So why not have qualified students take care of those time consuming tasks?


Somar Technical will provide an experienced professional who's team will consist of qualified students to complete the task per your requirements. The experienced professional will supervise and review the work performed by our student staff validating accuracy and quality of work.

For the business this will unload time consuming tasks off the desk of your busy employees onto the desk of students ready to learn real world examples. This results in an outsource option that is local and economical. 


For the student this will provide real world experience that is valuable towards their professional growth and prepare them to enter the work force with more than just text book scenarios.

By keeping the outsourcing local it will result in a better prepared employee for tomorrow's U.S. workforce.


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