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Online or not Online? That is the question.

I was born in an age before the internet. At that time, I think the closest thing to online learning were audio books. Which for me wasn't good since I'm a visual learner. In today's time and age, the internet is so vital to all of us that online classes/tutorials are so convenient and effective that all higher learning institutions provide such classes, however it is not for everyone. Some still need the interaction of the professor or simply the ability to ask your fellow student for some quick assistance. We all have different preferences on how to learn and all options are effective as long as it matches our personality. So don't try to do online if you know you will be distracted by doing other online activity and losing track on the main goal. On the contrary don't attend class when you don't feel comfortable in a large setting or are simply to busy to schedule it in your day.

At Somar Technology, we embrace the online, in-class and one-on-one sessions. Even though currently our online tutorial is limited we are working on adding more courses. If you have any ideas on what other software you would love to see on our services please drop us a line and we will include it to our customer wish list. Don't be shy. Our goal at Somar Technical is to be an option for all software users to consider. The intent is to be a online resource for knowledge on a convenient level to our customers.

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